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What to Expect

| 4 Step Process

We want to know about you. That's why we developed a four-step process that begins and ends with an evaluation of you. In between, we fabricate, fit and modify orthotics for your feet right here on site, so you get the best solution for you and your feet.

Our 4 Step Process

  1. Evaluation


    When you come in for an appointment, one of our certified pedorthists will conduct a thorough evaluation of your feet. We’ll examine your gait, ask you questions to learn your daily habits, and measure your feet in every way they can be measured. We’ll even inspect your current shoes to determine wear patterns. Lastly, we’ll create 3D molds of your feet so we can create the perfect orthotics for you.
  2. Fabrication


    After we have 3D molds of your feet, we’ll create your orthotics. Using the molds and the information we gathered from your evaluation, we’ll know the size, shape and firmness your orthotics should be. Because we have a wide variety of orthotic materials on site, we can design yours so specific to you it will be as unique as your fingerprint.
  3. Fitting


    When your orthotics are complete, you’ll come back into the clinic to see how they fit. If there are any adjustments that need to be made, we can make them on site in a matter of minutes, so you’ll be ready to walk out with your orthotics without waiting any longer.
  4. Follow Up


    A follow-up visit is included with your service. We'll schedule something a few weeks out to be sure your orthotics are giving you the highest comfort level possible.


"Everyone is nice and my orthotics ROCK!!"
- Selena (age 13) - Columbiana, AL

"As a long-time nurse, I have issues with my feet and legs. Without the custom orthotics I would not be able to work. The entire staff at Pedorthic Care is kind and professional. The quality of my orthotics is second-to-none, and I ought to know. I have had orthotics from other places but the ones from Pedorthic Care are the most comfortable and last the longest. They earn my highest recommendation!"
- Connie M. - Trussville, AL

"The orthotics they made for me has really helped me with soccer. My arch and legs do not hurt now and I have no pain even when I am very active. This season, I am playing for two different leagues and yes I recommend orthotics from Pedorthic Care!"
- Tahnee (age 14), - Cullman, AL

"After having foot problems for over 10 years, multiple surgeries, multiple orthotic providers and being wheelchair bound, I have finally found the right provider that knows what they are doing. I went through six different suppliers/providers of orthotics before picking Pedorthic Care. Michael Duvdevani and staff actually solved my foot problems in several visits compared to 10 years and many thousands of dollars. Let me be the one to tell you if you are having foot/feet issues, the sooner you go to Pedorthic Care in Hoover Alabama the sooner you will be your old self again. Get your feet right the first time at Pedorthic Care."
- James - Pelham, AL

"The work is very efficient, staff is friendly, and they always take their time with me. I highly recommend this group to everyone I know!"
- Emily - Talladega, AL

"I had four stress fractures in my right foot caused by orthotics from a different company and I was finally referred to Pedorthic Care after my feet healed up a little and they are the reason I am back walking! They are GREAT and I recommend Pedorthic Care to everyone that needs orthotics!"
- Judy - Tuscaloosa, AL

"The staff is very nice and they are very efficient. Well worth the drive! This place has helped me tremendously and I would not be able to get the same service locally. I recommend Pedorthic Care to everyone and I refuse to go to any other place for my orthotics. The orthotics even helped with my back problems!"
- Judy - Lynn Haven, FL

"I began experiencing moderate to severe pain in my right heel in the summer/fall of 2011 which I learned was associated with the common condition of “plantar fasciitis.” The pain was intense enough to disrupt my aerobic exercise routine which included jogging and treadmill use. In fact, the pain escalated to the point that I dreaded taking steps after having been seated for time. On the recommendation of a physician friend, I contacted Pedorthic Care. The staff was informative, friendly, and helpful to include the process of filing insurance claims. Most importantly, they guided me through the process of obtaining inserts for dress shoes and athletic shoes. Over a period of a couple of weeks, I began to feel a definite reduction in pain. After approximately four weeks, I was able to resume my normal aerobic exercise routine, and have remained pain free. I strongly recommend and endorse the customer service and results offered by Pedorthic Care."
- Roger - Vestavia Hills, AL

"When faced with 12 weeks in a large bulky, uncomfortable, and hot boot to protect my lower leg injury my surgeon recommended Pedorthic Care. They offered a lightweight and very comfortable alternative that also gave me better use of my muscles which eliminated atrophy. It also allowed me to drive my car safely and even compete in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb driving a Stock Car. I highly recommend Pedorthic Care and am thankful for their help in my situation!"
- Layne - Leeds, AL